Reiterating [verb]

Definition of Reiterating:

say or do again

Synonyms of Reiterating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reiterating:

Sentence/Example of Reiterating:

The loud-speakers bellowed on, reiterating their four-word chant.

By dint of reiterating dreads and speculation he at length obtained some rest.

He shook his head violently, and kept on reiterating that he was quite well.

Again I explained, reiterating that I knew nothing of the transaction.

The psalmist dwells on the picture, reiterating the comparison in ver.

"I am sure I'm always wishing there were more of them," she was reiterating now.

It is an assertion which, now more than ever, the Churches are reiterating.

It was from Glendon's father, reiterating his offer to take the boy and educate him.

Reiterating my belief in the value of the experiment, I drew to a conclusion.

He had a habit of reiterating his prophecy to all with whom he came in contact.