Repaid [adjective]

Definition of Repaid:


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Sentence/Example of Repaid:

It was good to see the loving look that reproved and repaid him.

I don't know what they'll do about it; the money has been repaid.

Never, never, never has a single centime been repaid by a single one of these borrowers.

This brief interview has more than repaid me for all that I have ever suffered.

Mr Flintwinch, to whom these words were spoken, repaid the stranger's wonder in full.

He repaid Hopper with a specimen of his tongue, and flung the writ back at him.

He's very grateful and desirous to serve me; and I am more than repaid.

She was a plain, penniless girl, whom he adored, and who repaid him with happiness.

This was very bitter to him, but he could only say, 'It shall be repaid so soon as I have the power.'

The trees, laden with fruit, seemed to have repaid the labour of the cultivator.