Rosary [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rosary:

And he went straight to the Rosary, as though he were determined to conquer death.

Those who may be unable to come ought at least to say their Rosary at home.'

For hours the beads of his Rosary would glide between his fingers.

Her bony fingers were loaded with loose rings, and a rosary hung at her wrist.

Say a rosary for the Blessed Virgin every morning before breaking your fast.

It is a rosary of pain that has wrought the conversion of many a stubborn heretic.

There was a faint swish of robes, the faint rattle of rosary beads.

There was a rosary upon the top of the box, it is true, but what of it?

Three times in rapid succession The Rosary was played, then sudden silence.

She did not play The Rosary at once, but made use of one of the other records.