Saboteur [noun]

Definition of Saboteur:

secret or subversive group

Synonyms of Saboteur:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saboteur:


Sentence/Example of Saboteur:

Then it can be guessed what this saboteur will think and do.

If there's a saboteur aboard—and I think there is—then the whole operation's in jeopardy.

The presence of a saboteur on the Aztec represented a bungle in his department.

Strangely enough, Richter bothered him more than the saboteur.

In the first hours of the new morning Gotch named the saboteur.

The knowledge that one of his crew was a saboteur lay constantly in his mind.

But I thought we could get enough information that way to tell us who our saboteur is.

There is a saboteur—maybe more than one, we do not know—among you.

You are to turn it off, and to prevent the saboteur from stopping you.

"If we had the answers, we could find the saboteur," Gordon pointed out.