Seis [noun]

Definition of Seis:

cetacean mammal

Synonyms of Seis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seis:


Sentence/Example of Seis:

"Gott sei Dank we are rid of the fellow," he said as he came in.

Then a shell hit it when the officers were out—Gott sei Dank!

I put the question and there was a chorus of fervent "Ja's" and "Gott sei Dank's."

"Gott sei dank, it ain't so bad as all that, Leon," Abe replied.

As who sei at ilke stoiciens wenden at e soule hadde ben naked of it self.

Secreto è il loco, el sol pur non vi splende; Bella sei tu, sol manca che sii adorna Di veste come io intendo ultra il tesoro.

Didn't you feel their stun guns, Dummkopf, when they sprung the trap—too soon, Gott sei Dank?

And I have a good little malady that will kill me soon, Gott sei dank—and without much pain.

For a conclusion there is a coda founded on the line in the ballad, ‘Gott sei der Seele gndig.’

Betre hit is mon ne iknawe noht e wei to godalmihtin e he hine icnawe seode hine for hoie; and on oer 25 stude he sei.