Selflessness [noun]

Definition of Selflessness:


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Sentence/Example of Selflessness:

My life work will be to drag him down from his pinnacle of selflessness!

So it will be your own greed, your own selflessness that will eventually win or lose this battle.

The nobility and absolute 'selflessness' of Liszt's playing had to be heard to be understood.

Then he was no longer to value the humility and modesty attached to selflessness.

They reproached him with the selflessness that made him somewhat languid.

You have given me belief in purity and selflessness and hope of achievement.

Never in his life had he met a woman of her kind before, and he loved her for her selflessness and the poise she radiated.

He knew her innate gentleness, the selflessness of her disposition, but he knew also that there was a limit to all things.

How can a cautious, cunning, time-serving man of the world understand the selflessness of the Son of God?

More calm philosophy not unmixed with a delicate sense of pride this time, and a sublime if unconscious vein of selflessness.