Simmering [adjective]

Definition of Simmering:


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Sentence/Example of Simmering:

Soon the whole forecastle was simmering with talk about revenge.

Can you ever believe that, I have called you a 'simmering pot of Emerald broth'?

Stir fifteen minutes, and, while simmering, flavor with vanilla or lemon.

Harold, just then, had happily uncovered the simmering kettle.

With regard to simmering taps, he also holds a contrary opinion.

Soon goulash was simmering in the pot, and kasa was tossed together.

The soup was simmering in its pot, the bowls were ready set on the table.

I'm too voluminous—I'm a boiler-over, not a simmering stick-at-it.

Upon the fire a pot was simmering, and a good savour came from it.

This interesting case has been simmering in the law-courts since 1820.