Sir [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sir:

Miss Avice won't be down, sir, and I'm to fetch her up a pot of coffee, sir.

And oh, sir,” added Stephen, “may we crave a drop of water for our dog?

The poor dog heard the tumult, and leapt to your aid, sir, and we made after him.

Birkenholt, sir,” answered Ambrose, “but our uncle is Harry Randall.

"Good-morning, sir," said Robert, removing his hat on entering.

"No, sir," said Robert, looking boldly in the face of his former employer.

Miss Briggs, the maid, sir—but she's just ready to go out, sir.

No sir, not one, and I can find no sign of the Triassic period.

Sir John, however, insisted that they should all be ordered back again.

“With all my heart, sir,” said Dennet, coming to him with outstretched hands.