Spongers [noun]

Definition of Spongers:

person who is idle, lazy

Synonyms of Spongers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spongers:

Sentence/Example of Spongers:

The Greek sponger 'Zenephone' was passing when she went under.

He checked the flood of thanks on the sponger captain's lips.

"We'll mow 'em down," said No. 1, the sponger and rammer, a boy of twenty.

No. 1, the sponger and rammer, had been killed by a pistol-shot.

At last word came that the sponger had struck on the nearby shoals.

And every blackguard and sponger who came along I accepted at his own valuation.

Then we walked down to his row-boat, and soon he was aboard the sponger.

The deck of the sponger was piled with the result of the work of the week.

Then a sponger fell, and then the gunner himself was slain by the bullet.

That word "sponger" as it came to Dan caused him to straighten himself up and step forward more quickly.