Sputtered [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sputtered:

Debby marching down the hill, continued to sputter about the lost weeklies.

I asked him if he filled his pies with a trowel and you ought to have heard him sputter.

The helicopter man pulled the ignition-cord and a rocket began to sputter.

Then all they'll do is buzz and sputter until the feedback is broken with the key.

He switched on the electric current, and the apparatus began to sputter.

Then for a moment it burned clearer; then seemed suddenly to sputter out.

There was a clicking sound and the loudspeaker died with a sputter of static.

"Evidently that's what I'm made for," said the plate, closing again with a sputter of pride.

He is the kind of fire-cracker that you call a “sizzler”—all sputter and no explosion.

She says she can sputter and rage and laugh, and he just listens and quiets her down.