Stocking [noun]

Definition of Stocking:

leg covering

Synonyms of Stocking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stocking:


Sentence/Example of Stocking:

It will not prevent you from wearing your shoe and stocking.

Then he showed me how he could move in his stocking feet and no one could hear him.

He must have hooked his missus's stocking with all the savings gained at very hard work.

He bent over her and carefully restored her stocking and shoe.

So then Fluffy went for a walk with the other dolls, but I had to darn a hole in my stocking.

Hephzibah was in the sitting-room, reading and knitting a stocking, a stocking for me.

Now an old English lady wants a stocking to cure her rheumatism, and I'll get that too.

He lifted the stocking cap from his head and fumbled it in his hands.

Heedless of Scaramouche's howls of pain, he swept away shoe and stocking.

They like to walk about barefoot and have money in their stocking.