Sultriness [noun]

Definition of Sultriness:


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Sentence/Example of Sultriness:

A week went by,—a week of weather that had all the sultriness of August.

The water was inviting, with the sultriness of the afternoon.

What with the dancing and the sultriness of the weather, the night was about as hot as an oven.

It was, as he said, a splendid day—all sultriness dissipated by the strong wind.

Upon him and his mother lay the sultriness of a brewing tempest.

The garden with its perfume and its sultriness received him.

There was a sultriness in the air quite unfamiliar on the range.

July was waning, and already an August sultriness was in the air.

The sultriness of the day was deepening, and seemed to carry a threat with it.

The sultriness of the day had been succeeded by a cool and refreshing air.