Surf [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Surf:

On a third effort, the boat got through the surf and we succeeded in reaching the ship.

There was no wharf, and it was always necessary to get ashore through a surf.

And the sound—it was like the sound of the surf, but it was continuous.

Then he remembered that the sound of the surf would give him his directions.

From without, above the noise of the wind and rain and surf, came a shout.

The morning, the sunrise, the surf and all the rest were pleasant to contemplate—his age was not.

The only sounds were the low wash of the surf and the hum of the eager mosquitoes.

It is on his arrival at this point, too, that the stranger first notices the sound of the surf.

Four islanders had been lost that day, and he alone had lived through the surf.

This accounts for that great pebble of peat which we saw in the surf.