Theories [noun]

Definition of Theories:

hypothesis, belief

Opposite/Antonyms of Theories:

Sentence/Example of Theories:

These theories were also in their consequences far-reaching.

Many of his theories are no doubt impracticable and unsound.

Unconsciously his whole practice began to refute his theories.

We must take them into our alliance, or they will destroy all our theories of self-government.

Other theories with regard to the origin of the hundred have been suggested.

His theories were boring to listen to and impossible to execute.

He may be a Republican, and he must uphold with warmth and conviction Royalist theories.

After all, how vain are systems, and theories, and reasonings!

He derives much from Malebranche, and it may be said he only pushes his theories to their extreme.

Suppose that were seen, and you recognized it, what theories would you form?