Trappers [noun]

Definition of Trappers:

a person who hunts

Synonyms of Trappers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trappers:


Sentence/Example of Trappers:

And before the trapper could make a protest he had drawn back into the horse shed.

There must have been a sound, and he glanced over to the trapper for an explanation.

This, by silent consent, was to be the reward of the trapper.

The trapper slapped his lank, leather-clad thigh in high approval.

Trapper Jim showed them how to cook some of the venison in a most appetizing way.

He had proved this by approaching the cabin of the trapper on the preceding night.

Trapper Jim was getting some of the bear meat in readiness for cooking.

Trapper Jim's idea seemed to be built on the principle that "like is cured by like."

"Right, son, and look at the sun now," the trapper remarked.

"But you got sorry for it, I reckon," said the trapper, a little more softly.