Tuckered [adjective]

Definition of Tuckered:


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Sentence/Example of Tuckered:

At last I got her to go to bed, and she was all tuckered out, and went to sleep.

You ran a big cargo of liquor in this wagon, which is why your plugs are tuckered out.

"I said to Mamie I knew you'd be tuckered out," she observed.

Well, at last he could hardly flop his wings, he was so tuckered out.

There were three men on the steamer and they were just about tuckered out.

You look kind of tuckered out, said Kentucky, looking at the man.

“I kin tell that you girls are all tuckered out,” she said when the task was finished.

We were all tuckered out when we reached the top of the ridge.

If anything ever tuckered me out, 'twas hoein' corn in the hot sun.

Well, I've been out toward Cambrai—only sixty miles—and I am tuckered.