Tusk [noun]

Definition of Tusk:

large tooth

Synonyms of Tusk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tusk:


Sentence/Example of Tusk:

When the balance was swung true, he tried to lift a tusk into the scale.

How I should like to see the enormous rat that could have carried such a tusk!

Like lightning the hog threw him and then ripped him with his tusk.

As for his face, all tusk and jaw and no brow, where had Parr gotten such an idea of it?

Tusk underlies its cloth empurpled by juice of the dye-shell.

I never dreamed the elephant had ever lived with such a tusk.

An elephant's tusk will furnish medicine for several complaints.

Then I turned my head and continued to superintend the cutting of the tusk.

Johnny could not resist the temptation to barter for the tusk.

The fire had well-nigh burnt out when Jan returned with the other tusk.