Ultramarine [adjective]

Definition of Ultramarine:

sky, sea color

Synonyms of Ultramarine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ultramarine:

Sentence/Example of Ultramarine:

The colour of ultramarine is brought out by successive heatings.

Nevertheless, ultramarine is not always entitled to the whole of this commendation.

The Alexandrian was the most valued, as approaching the nearest to ultramarine.

He did not see the back curtain, or Orion blazing in the ultramarine blue.

The colours most useful are ultramarine, vermilion, and chrome yellow in powder.

Taking his palette, he mixed crimson lake, white, and ultramarine.

Three are mentioned by Cennino—indigo, a cobalt, and ultramarine.

Autumn leaves and spring flowers, and over all a sky of ultramarine.

Night's ultramarine bosom was ablaze with starry chain of mail.

There is no mention in this MS. of the preparation of ultramarine.