Unregulated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unregulated:

The freethinker is liable to the danger of an unregulated, dissolute life.

You have been yourself describing the influence of these unregulated likings.

They had begun to question the unregulated descent of favors from the top.

And I'd like to know what you mean, ma'am, by unregulated marriage.

They remove from the performance all suggestions of unregulated caprice.

But this unregulated use of the Communal property could not long continue.

An art cannot be improvised, and an artist must have some other guide than unregulated emotion.

Half-dazed with unregulated emotion, Jethro acted with indecision for a moment, and the fiddle was safe.

Lafayette saw to what lengths an unregulated mob might go, even when originally inspired by a noble passion for liberty.

She got up from the basket-chair in which she had been sitting, and her voice to herself sounded strangely loud and unregulated.