Valises [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Valises:

Everything was in perfect order, and the valise had been unpacked.

Meantime, his idea was to seek their carriage, and there rid himself of his valise.

He returned thither, but there was still only his valise on the seat.

Giaccomo, who did not hurry, came in behind them with the valise.

The valise he carried seemed much heavier than when he went in.

His soliloquy was here interrupted by the approach of his wife, bearing a valise.

He tossed the valise to the floor, grinned, and extended a hand.

They returned to the place where he had slept, but the valise was nowhere to be found.

No; I have nothing but what is in this valise, and you know I could not very well get a pony into it.

And unpacking the valise, he took therefrom a handsome French writing case.