Vending [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Vending:

O'Mally, verbose as ever, did all the talking and vending of news.

How long had he been vending his goods through Cazenove street?

And it is not slate-writing, toe-joint snapping, fortune-telling, or the vending of charms.

Stanton went through the door of the automatic restaurant and walked over to the vending wall.

For the long period of fifteen years, he travelled over the country, vending his volume of "Woodnotes."

Composing verses in the vernacular Gaelic, he contrived, by vending them, to add considerably to his finances.

Yes; we are aware of that and knew the unfortunate man and his family; but you are vending them after the old manner.

The queen granted him a patent to license the vending of wines throughout the kingdom.

He established himself at Naples, where he obtained a living by catching and vending fish.

The first, like all book sales for charity, consisted largely of the vending of ice-cream and cake.