Veranda [noun]

Definition of Veranda:


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Sentence/Example of Veranda:

He went across to the hotel, tied the gelding at the rack, and sat down on the veranda.

"I think I'll wait for you on the veranda, children," said Mrs. Gray.

After the meal they all adjourned to the veranda, where the air was cool and the view extensive.

But the heat of noon, after the cool shade of the veranda, was terrific.

They saw him from the veranda, and Miss Briscoe called to him in welcome.

After dinner they went out to the veranda and the gentlemen smoked.

John watched her till she was lost in the throng on the veranda.

Having said this, Mr. McAndrew rose and began pacing the veranda.

When we got back to the house Harry detained me on the veranda alone.

That evening old Barnaby brought his banjo around to the veranda.