Vicarages [noun]

Definition of Vicarages:

the clergy

Synonyms of Vicarages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vicarages:


Sentence/Example of Vicarages:

Those hollyhocks—the ones at the Vicarage at home are just like them.

But at the vicarage Paul and Greta sat alone in silence and with clasped hands.

When they came to the vicarage Paul drew up, threw the reins to Natt, and got down.

When he came to the vicarage he drew up sharply and rapped heavily on the gate.

Toward midnight Hugh came to say that Peter had been sent for her from the vicarage.

They had left the vicarage at noon without staying for the wedding breakfast.

It is a short walk from Bredfield Hall to Bredfield church and vicarage.

Dear, all this is weeks and weeks old; I suppose it has only just reached the Vicarage.

If you are going past the vicarage, Miss Leyburn, may I escort you so far?'

But when he reached the vicarage he was greeted with the news of her absence.