Victimized [verb]

Definition of Victimized:

cheat, fool

Synonyms of Victimized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Victimized:






Sentence/Example of Victimized:

And when she victimized herself, she did it so that no one could see she was a victim.

Realizing that he had been victimized by Mr. Gloom, he tried to open the door.

It was plain to their minds that they had been victimized by the clever machinations of this man.

For all that, Dick determined that his comrade should not be victimized.

It was her vocation to be victimized, and her daily business to be a blessing to others.

At the end of three or six months they find they have been victimized.

Two young gentlemen were victimized last night at the brag party.

Four young men were victimized—two at cards and two at billiards.

Heaven help you, when you are victimized by one of the first class!

I believe that you are truthful, child, and have been victimized for some purpose.