Vortices [noun]

Definition of Vortices:

circular current

Synonyms of Vortices:

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Sentence/Example of Vortices:

Fifty-eight of those atrocious Dilipic vortices had been driven to ground.

"Phlogiston" and "vortices" had their day and are forgotten.

Vortices may be called an occult quality, because their existence was never proved.

The vortices, as Descartes imagined them, are not now believed in.

Possibly, gravity does part of the work, and the vortices of Descartes interfere with it.

That there are also vortices along the frontal line of roots, or near this line.

Did not Descartes construct the universe with cubes and vortices?

Tornadoes and mighty cyclones and vortices torned and cycled vorted.

After all it's only another example of Kelvin's theory of vortices.

Let us try if we can reconcile these facts with the theory of vortices.