Yawl [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Yawl:

The doubloons in the yawl would have been lost but for the sagacity of Mulford.

In the yawl the mizzenmast is always stepped aft of the rudder-post.

Then having fastened the "Baleine" to the yawl, he towed her back.

From that moment all Coqueville interested itself in the yawl.

Fig. 150 shows the position of the booms when scudding with a schooner and yawl.

A yawl had just put out of the harbor to go to meet the "Baleine."

There is the cutter rig, yawl rig, sloop rig, and the ketch rig.

At this moment a voice from the yawl that had gone ahead, shouted, "There she is!"

Everybody in the yawl was eagerly looking after the form of Tier.

I should prefer something heavier—a yawl, say—for coming in on that beach.