Zoned [adjective]

Definition of Zoned:

marked in outline

Synonyms of Zoned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Zoned:


Sentence/Example of Zoned:

This differs from L. cilicioides in its zoned pileus and white milk.

I could hear he lov'd Some fair immortal, and that his embrace Had zoned her through the night.

Flesh white, zoned and clouded with different shades of red.

Flesh white, zoned or marked with yellow, close-grained and sugary.

The surface is velvety, or hairy, and zoned in varying colors.

She wore a mantle of green silk, inlaid with eider-down, and zoned round her waist with garlands of wild flowers.

Flesh white, circled or zoned with bright pink; not very close-grained, but very sugary and well-flavored.

Flesh pale yellow, zoned or circled with white, not close-grained, but sugary.

It is a warm orange-brown in color, varying slightly with age, and is not zoned.

He waited until the whole valley was zoned with a glittering girdle, but no light glimmered out through his native trees.