Abattoirs [noun]

Definition of Abattoirs:

killing place

Synonyms of Abattoirs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abattoirs:


Sentence/Example of Abattoirs:

Germany’s largest pork plant was shuttered for a month this summer after more than 1,000 workers tested positive for Covid-19, and additional abattoirs also faced temporary closures from outbreaks.

And there is the master of our largest and goriest abattoir.

It was only a scratch and he had been knocked down like a beef in an abattoir by an unseen enemy, on whom he could not lay hands!

Have you ever seen a herd of cattle being driven to abattoir on a fine May morning?

Ay—and the abattoir is far, though its perfume is nigh; it is thrice a hundred yards from hence.

Probably it would be hung up in some abattoir, where oxen are driven in at one end, and tinned meat taken out at the other.

But with regard to the future home of your delightful picture I can assure you that there is no abattoir awaiting it.

A turn of the wheel and perhaps it would be a peace-loving democracy while the United States would be the abattoir of human hopes.

Apparently an abattoir was languishing nearby, discouraged in its yearning to lose consciousness of self in the world's oblivion.

Aberdeen is in fact becoming little else than a London abattoir.