Amplifier [noun]

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It’s equipped with a rechargeable 10-hour battery for fully wireless use outside and inside, and the powerful 89-watt stereo amplifier packs enough volume for entertaining in even the noisiest environments.

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Mr. Norwood brought out from the city a two-step amplifier and a horn and they were attached to the instrument.

They listened in on the radio that evening until late, using the amplifier and horn that Mr. Norwood had bought.

Wires were run from the amplifier through the rear-seat windows, which were opened just enough to take the thin cables.

Rick and Scotty watched as the engineer got busy, hooking the remote-switch cable into the amplifier.

The voice, thin, flat and emotionless, came through a small amplifier.

The human mind does not need an amplifier, as the radio receiving set does.

As Joe set his amplifier into position, he sent a flash of light from his electric torch full upon one of those gray beasts.

Ev gulped more skull-buster and stroked the "amplifier" in the region of the pancreas.