Anarchist [noun]

Definition of Anarchist:

person who opposes the idea of government and laws

Synonyms of Anarchist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anarchist:


Sentence/Example of Anarchist:

The same way I didn’t get how the anarchists who were coming there claiming to be Trumpettes and love the police then fought the police.

One problem in their investigation, however, is that many of the would-be anarchists are erasing themselves online, according to Army veteran Jeff Bardin of private intelligence firm Treadstone 71.

At the makeshift encampment, I met socialists and anarchists.

In September 2011, very few people cared about Occupy Wall Street—a bunch of hippies, anarchists, and freaks were sleeping in a park in Manhattan.

So congress has excluded not only diseased, criminal, pauper and anarchist immigrants, but also contract and Chinese laborers.

This first act of voluntary Anarchist sacrifice will make the workingmen think deeply.

Such a development of affairs would have greatly advanced the Anarchist propaganda.

In the first place, I am an Anarchist: I do not believe in man-made law, designed to enslave and oppress humanity.

Strikes and labour riots now and then break out, and the Spanish anarchist is not unknown.

As is well-known, his lectures and writings on the subject have earned him the title, "Father of Anarchist-Communism."