Antiquarianisms [noun]

Definition of Antiquarianisms:

study of the physical remains of ancient cultures or eras

Synonyms of Antiquarianisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antiquarianisms:


Sentence/Example of Antiquarianisms:

Introduced by antiquarian bookseller Rebecca Romney, “Projections” reprints a dozen science-fiction stories, each as a separate booklet tidily packaged together in a handsome box.

Mere antiquarianism, Dr Arnold justly observes, is calculated to contract and enfeeble the understanding.

But there is perhaps as much worthless historical Speculation as trifling Antiquarianism extant in literature.

But Keats never was nor tried to be exact in his antiquarianism.

Nowhere perhaps is antiquarianism more fascinating than in the sphere of religion.

The first night, to prevent rivalry, was devoted to antiquarianism, and to the performance of extracts from the plays of Holberg.

They look at you with a smile and a shrug, and say they have more important matters to attend to than mere antiquarianism.

But the greatest evil from which Chinese intellect is suffering is its bombastic antiquarianism.

They will find, if they look into his work closely, as much antiquarianism as they do geography, and no more.

Tremendous big pot on antiquarianism, archæology, and that sort of stuff.