Artilleryman [noun]

Definition of Artilleryman:

shooter of gun

Synonyms of Artilleryman:

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Sentence/Example of Artilleryman:

The gunnery of the Chinese artilleryman improved, and gaunt breaches were formed in the walls.

"Get an anti-aircraft gun from the Island and shell hell out of them when they come round again," suggested the artilleryman.

An artilleryman is shot down; a man from the infantry takes his place and obeys orders as best he can.

That was how he used to do business, this little artilleryman, whom we had raised so high with our sabres and our bayonets.

The old ex-artilleryman stifled a yawn, and admitted the fact.

The gun was maneuvered in strict accordance with the rules of "The Artilleryman's Manual," and the firing commenced.

Presently, among the berry bushes, he came upon a grey artilleryman sitting winding a strip of cloth around a wound in his leg.

An artilleryman sends a description of the fighting written in the jargon of the football field.

We called him the "distinguished knuckle-duster;" and he called himself, the "famous artilleryman."

An artilleryman went below decks to apply fire to a piece with which he had fired several shots.