Attacker [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Attacker:

The man kicked him ferociously in the breast before the attacker managed to pinion the legs in his arms.

The attacker is looking at his target with his eye (the top prism of the periscope) only a few inches above water-level.

The Pomona kept upon her course, while the white sails of the attacker grew fainter and fainter upon the horizon.

This time the unknown ducked his knobby head at the attacker.

The lunge is so rapid that when I have observed it, I have been unable to discern whether the attacker bit its opponent.

The attacker's target will be smaller and fainter than the one he presents to the enemy.

With large forces, a direct frontal attack gives the attacker little opportunity to bring more rifles to bear.

Many forms of obstacles which would give an attacker little concern in the daytime become serious hindrances at night.

Before Ennis could whirl to meet him, the attacker's knife grazed down past his cheek like a brand of living fire.

Submarines, stationed on the route between the attacker's base and the objective, could patrol at periscope depth.