Auctions [noun]

Definition of Auctions:

competitive sale; sale by bid

Synonyms of Auctions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auctions:


Sentence/Example of Auctions:

Warren is very proud of the fact that he purchased Pegasus at an auction for $400.

It still included an online auction, live-streamed events, and a bachelor auction among the adjusted activities.

DuckDuckGo further claims that adopting a version of its recommended choice screen, presumably without the auction, would dramatically improve the market share of Google’s competitors.

CPCs and CPMs to compete in ad auctions vary widely by country.

In some campaigns, traffic has increased, but this is due to the fact that the auction has been released.

It will require even more capital to bid at auction, on spectrum.

One day Mr. Chittenden told Grace there was to be an auction of slaves, and he would go and try to get one for a housekeeper.

She did not realize that her father did not wish her to see the distressing scenes which often took place at an auction of slaves.

We talked over Horn farm, which will be let next month by auction, and I am only afraid of getting too much money for it.

I was again put on the auction block and father bought me in, putting up the cash.