Bafflement [noun]

Definition of Bafflement:


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Sentence/Example of Bafflement:

He is not entirely surprised that brown tree snakes have devised a way to deal with wide trees or baffles.

To say I felt foolish, would inadequately express my sense of utter bafflement.

His voice sounded odd and tired, and there was an ache of bafflement in his young eyes.

A flutter of bafflement showed in her black lashes, but the lips continued to twitch mischievously.

It was fixed first on Mlanie, then on Agatha, then returned to Mlanie with an added increment of rage and bafflement.

Wise was very grave and silent,—he was in a mood which Zizi knew was that of utter bafflement.

The adventuress of the demure face shook her head in token of complete bafflement.

The murky walls and the low ceiling gave forth an impression of solidity that accentuated his sense of bafflement.

A lesser dog would have yapped bafflement, fruitlessly scratched upwards from hind legs.

His most notable achievement had been his resistance and bafflement of many nice girls and of the mothers of many nice girls.