Bandanas [noun]

Definition of Bandanas:

personal cloth

Synonyms of Bandanas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bandanas:


Sentence/Example of Bandanas:

He jolted to a halt, cut the engine and wiped a red bandana over his wrinkled, sweating face.

The maid in her red bandana head-gear was delighted, having, like her race, great pleasure in bright colors.

Bones wiped his streaming brow with a large and violent bandana, and looked round cautiously.

Aunt Kizzie, in her new linsey-woolsey and shining bandana as a turban, started off in great glee for the Court House.

With these words he threw his bandana handkerchief over his head, adding, “He hoped now he had a ‘right’ to a bit of sleep.”

She wore a calico dress and a red bandana handkerchief and was smoking a home-made cigar.

His rough hair was braided into a queue and tied back with a bandana.

While it was forthcoming he toyed furtively with his bandana.

She wears a long dark cotton dress with a bandana on her head with is now quite gray.

A bright calico gown and a flaring bandana kerchief bound about the head generally complete the costume of these petted slaves.