Bedclothes [noun]

Definition of Bedclothes:

covering for sleeping furniture

Synonyms of Bedclothes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedclothes:


Sentence/Example of Bedclothes:

Yes, Nursy, and we had a beautiful time playing hide-and-seek under the bedclothes.

Rosa, again at hand, heard the scream, and rushing in once more opened a window and flung out the blazing bedclothes.

Neither need you have a bed only two feet wide, so that it is impossible to turn over without parting with the bedclothes.

The door was closed softly, and under the bedclothes Van Landing again buried his face in the pillows, and his lips twitched.

She put out her hand to smooth the bedclothes, and the sick woman grasped it, her own hot with fever, till Betty almost cried out.

His hand, with the rapid, hovering movement so characteristic of the blind, felt over the bedclothes and found hers.

But the little crickets snuggled under the bedclothes just as if they did not hear their mother's words.

Captain Cy tiptoed to the bedroom, turned back the bedclothes with one hand and laid Bos'n down.

He was lying on his back, and as he spoke he pressed his withered hands together above the bedclothes.

I went into my own to unsettle the bedclothes, as usual, and give the bed the appearance of having been slept in.