Beers [noun]

Definition of Beers:

alcoholic beverage made from malted grain

Synonyms of Beers:

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Sentence/Example of Beers:

On his way back, he noticed there were two others in the backroom, a couple of men gnawing on pretzels over beers.

"De Beers" is the moving spirit, the generous employer, and the universal benefactor.

Along with the constant incongruity goes the element of surprise—which Professor Beers has well pointed out.

Stout, and in fact all beers for export to a hot climate, require rather more.

After a series of peripatetic adventures they were more dead than alive when the head-gear of De Beers burst upon their view.

By dint of hard work day and night the great thirty-pound gun constructed by De Beers was finished at last.

From all parts of the city streams of families were converging towards the "Kimberley" and the "De Beers" mines.

Shandor ordered beers, then lit a smoke and leaned back facing Ann Ingersoll.

Mr. Joseph Beers of New Jersey had one that sheared thirteen pounds at one time, and the live weight of the sheep was 378 pounds.

The Kimberly diamonds are much the same as those from the De Beers mine.