Blizzard [noun]

Definition of Blizzard:

snow storm

Synonyms of Blizzard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blizzard:


Sentence/Example of Blizzard:

It can be dangerous to shelter in a trapped vehicleIt’s a mixed blessing when you get your vehicle stuck in the snow during a blizzard.

The problem with looking for galaxy-wide motion is that the Milky Way is a raging blizzard of stars, with astronomers looking outward from one of the snowflakes.

The “World’s Only Corn Palace” and its whimsical domes had showcased the town’s agricultural bounty and brought tourists to town since 1892, and seen Mitchell through fires, floods and the blizzards of 1949 and 1966.

Plastic igloos look cute — but they won’t cut it during a blizzard, nor do they run cheapThe pandemic has made dining as we previously knew it impossible, and serving customers outside has been one somewhat promising lifeline.

A beautiful bluebird day can quickly turn into a thunderstorm with catastrophic lightning, while blizzards and dust storms can sneak up on you like ninjas.

"Wal, jist wait till a good winter blizzard comes through here like they do," interrupted Landy.

“Blizzard” and “mugwump” were new but a short time ago: the latter is dying from disuse, the former has come to stay.

Snow began to fall now and a regular blizzard set in, the fine powdery snow being blown along the ground into our faces.

But the cold was too much for the goats and the second blizzard killed them all.

I've ridden night herd in a blizzard when the temperature was below zero.