Boar [noun]

Definition of Boar:

animal of swine family

Synonyms of Boar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boar:


Sentence/Example of Boar:

Mr. Boar, who had watched his approach, rose at the removal of the hat, and replied in the affirmative.

A half-hour later they were riding under the porte cochere of the inn of the Black Boar.

He ceased to find pleasure in his nets and boar spears, in the fandango and the bullfight.

The other, who was beloved by Meleager, and hunted the Calydonian boar, is the one mentioned in the Kn.

Gathering up his strength, he rushed into it, at the risk of being crushed, like a wild boar cutting through the pack of hounds.

Didn't you complain to my son last night of a wild boar that had been ravaging your garden?

Those who remained were terrified into obedience, and the Wild Boar's son was declared Bishop.

Wild animals were also bred for food in similar preserves, the hare and the wild boar being the favorites.

She boar an exlent, irreprotchable character, against which the tongue of scandal never wagged.

This animal grunted like a boar, and sometimes cried with a deep and strong voice.