Piggy [adjective]

Definition of Piggy:

very hungry, greedy

Synonyms of Piggy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Piggy:

Sentence/Example of Piggy:

"But piggy's velly dirty," said she, wiping her lips on her apron.

This was too much for Piggy, and he ran out of the line and closed with the bully.

Now, Stumpton, set to work, and cut a leg of pork off piggy.

That was more than a week ago; and piggy has staid at home since then.

These tusks are Piggy's weapons, and very good ones they are.

And Andy trotted off for his piggy bank to contribute his pennies.

Piggy's an awful swell; and he always takes a girl to swell places.

Say, Sade, I made a date for dinner this evening with Piggy.

When you look forward to a treat, everything is as piggy and nasty as it can be!

Stay with me, Piggy darlin', down at the Depot, an' I'll love you true for ever.'