Gorging [verb]

Definition of Gorging:

eat voraciously

Synonyms of Gorging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gorging:

Sentence/Example of Gorging:

Decades ago there were 30 different rafting companies running trips inside in the gorge and nearby Gauley River.

But near shore there was just one trout who never stopped gorging all day.

Meanwhile the Cockalorum is gorging himself with information.

We saw several dead ones, crushed out almost flat, and some skuas were busily engaged gorging themselves on the carcases.

Suddenly a lioness stole out of the bushes, her mouth bloody with the recent gorging of oxen, and slunk down to the pool to drink.

There they stood gorging when we started along the ice-belt of the stream towards the south-west.

And she is here,I saw her simply gorging herself with chicken salad and truffles an hour ago!

Society, gorging itself blind and senseless, and attended by a retinue from Hell!

A few days later this patron was taken with a fit of apoplexy after gorging on sturgeon soup.

To keep you from gorging yourselves, Pat replied, going on with his work.