Bonding [verb]

Definition of Bonding:

fasten; stick

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Opposite/Antonyms of Bonding:

Sentence/Example of Bonding:

Youth sports — soccer, basketball, cross-country, swimming, whether held indoors or out, a source of American pride, prestige and bonding — were among the first gatherings to be allowed post-lockdown.

I found that some lying – by being so obviously false – is used primarily as a way of bonding and forming loyalty within groups.

It also uses a proprietary soil mix that has a bonding agent that holds the soil together better during shipping and better protects the roots, explains Boomscape CEO Justin Mast.

Separating newborns from mothers awaiting lab test results denied them early skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, which studies have shown can affect bonding.

Early skin-to-skin contact promotes bonding and breastfeeding and has other health benefits.

Subsequently the bonding and not the free port system was adopted in the United Kingdom.

There are now no free ports in France or in French possessions; the bonding system is in force.

This is in contrast to the gravel road, where little dependence is placed upon the bonding effect of the rock dust.

The bonding material is the finer portion of the product of the crusher, which is called screenings.

Screenings having good bonding properties will also be required for the base course.