Bureaucrats [noun]

Definition of Bureaucrats:

government official

Synonyms of Bureaucrats:

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Sentence/Example of Bureaucrats:

Chief administrative officer Helen Robbins-Meyer, the county’s top bureaucrat, cautioned officials against making that the norm.

Karma Ura is a bespectacled, self-effacing man of many achievements—a scholar, writer, painter, and bureaucrat.

Generally, they’ve campaigned on a message that county officials are reactive and take their cues from the top bureaucrats rather than the other way around.

Michell’s announcement ensures that the city’s next mayor will choose the city’s next top bureaucrat.

For Election Administrators, Death Threats Have Become Part of the JobIn a polarized society, the bureaucrats who operate the machinery of democracy are taking flak from all sides.

His former associates regarded him as a renegade; independent observers found in him an energetic and arbitrary bureaucrat.

The wealthy and the educated know how to placate the bureaucrat and get what they want.

What had become of the lesson in decorum which should have been taught to this vulgar little bureaucrat?

What does your worker think when he sees the bureaucrat living in luxury while his wage is a comparatively meager one?

The new Czar was greatly influenced by his former tutor, the reactionary bureaucrat Pobiedonostzev.