Caterpillar [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Caterpillar:

What of the infinite goodness of God in teaching the grub of the ichneumon-fly to eat up the cabbage caterpillar alive?

The man is as ugly as a caterpillar; but he has done me the most immense service a woman can receive from a man.

The caterpillar produces silk, though it is not equal to that of the better known silkworm.

Grimm has recorded that in old German, the caterpillar was named Alba, and that the Alp often takes the form of a butterfly.

Luther, taking up a caterpillar, said: "'Tis an emblem of the devil in its crawling, and bears his colours in its changing hue."

Mike the Angel looked around as he heard the soft purring of the caterpillar treads.

Then, from out of the darkness, came something that moved on a whir of caterpillar treads.

In a few minutes a small white caterpillar, barely an inch long, began to climb this rope.

We shall now give some curiosities respecting Worms; and first, of The Caterpillar.

Try merely to convince her that the caterpillar of a Butterfly is as good to eat as the caterpillar of a Moth.