Tractor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tractor:

The tractor beam that would take hold of them had never been designed.

The "tractor" hauls the log direct to the railway if the distance is not too great.

And you might have someone send out a mechanic with parts to fix my tractor.

He turned back to his tractor, moving as slowly as he felt safe in doing.

Johnny angled off to the tractor and tool shed and disappeared inside.

Barney climbed into the pickup and drove it around to the tractor shed.

When we fired rockets at them, they turned them back with tractor and pressor beams.

But I prefer that Peter sticks to his tractor, much as I need help in the house.

But something down there was pulling like a tractor, so he went.

More and more he had come to realize that they must have a tractor.