Chatterbox [noun]

Definition of Chatterbox:

talkative person

Synonyms of Chatterbox:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chatterbox:


Sentence/Example of Chatterbox:

I said scarcely a word, and yet I am called a chatterbox, and punished—before company, too!

"I think that the clever woman of Sancerre is simply the greatest chatterbox," replied the journalist.

Her brothers had always teased her about her chatterbox ways, but suppose she hadn't talked to them that day.

Nurse noticed that he was quieter than usual that afternoon, for already Ted was a good deal of a chatterbox.

Probably the neighborhood of Mrs. Thornburgh was enough to make the veriest chatterbox secretive.

She is such an everlasting chatterbox that there is no hope of a quiet half hour while she is around.

So far the Kafir in fiction has either been a farcical chatterbox or an object lesson of futile humanitarianism.

She was a feather-headed chatterbox, he reflected; but her chatter served to occupy the time.

The fewer people know about these matters the better—especially a chatterbox like this young fool.

In one of my books at home, a Chatterbox, I think, there is a picture of her going through a hospital ward.