Commerce [noun]

Definition of Commerce:

buying and selling

Synonyms of Commerce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commerce:

Sentence/Example of Commerce:

Over the last five months, publishers have seen a four-fold growth in commerce revenue, according to affiliate network Skimlinks.

Brands that can continue to run ads and other marketing campaigns should do so — that was the consensus during our digital commerce session of Live with Search Engine Land.

But, it’s clear that Q4 will be another huge quarter for online commerce.

Local links can come from local businesses, local newspapers, local chambers of commerce, and local event sites.

With more people browsing through various social media channels, it’s more important than ever for brands to be where their audience is, especially as online commerce continues to rise.

Definitionally, this means that the sum of all of that commerce—known as GDP—has declined.

Each sentence pair became another entry in a budding database of translations, which Nekoto hopes will one day power AI tools that can automatically translate between Namibia’s languages, bolstering communication and commerce within the country.

The relation existing between the balmy plant and the commerce of the world is of the strongest kind.

The carrying of these heavy government debts is a question of the future production of goods, of commerce, and of saving.

All the other boarders are very young men, almost boys, who are here to learn German or commerce.