Constable [noun]

Definition of Constable:

police officer

Synonyms of Constable:

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Sentence/Example of Constable:

“Oh, perhaps you mean Tower Street” said the constable, with a patronising smile.

The constable knew nothing of maiden ladies with a baby, but he directed him to Hope Cottage.

The disk of light disappeared, and the alert constable could be heard moving along the corridor to inspect the other offices.

The constable stared at the cadet for a moment and then his jaw dropped and likewise the club in his hand.

The constable nodded profoundly, and said, that if that wasnt law, he should be glad to know what was.

It would do little or no good to acquaint the constable with their suspicion that the rascal might be the man named Cameron Smith.

She set out for her flat, walking slowly and wondering what explanation she should offer if a constable observed her.

The constable took my name and the number of the car and said I could report the circumstance myself to the captain of the police.

No wonder the place made Constable an artist, and an artist whose name will not speedily pass away.

And the constable goes, taking care, however, to keep an eye occasionally on the corner where this has taken place.