Corpse [noun]

Definition of Corpse:

dead body

Synonyms of Corpse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corpse:


Sentence/Example of Corpse:

If so, it would be the first time that astronomers have witnessed the formation of this kind of rapidly spinning, extremely magnetized stellar corpse.

When a sting goes all wrong and corpses pile up, Jo, already in debt to the shadowy “lady upstairs” who’s her boss, aims for a big final payoff involving dirty cops and a slithery mayoral candidate.

In El Paso, the National Guard has been dispatched to handle the overwhelming number of covid-19 corpses, many held in 10 refrigerated trailers outside the medical examiner’s office.

The corpses of Lakota massacred at Wounded Knee were thrown into a mass grave by their killers, members of the 7th Cavalry.

He wants Americans to think that’s true, that the spread of the virus into every state and the corpses it has left behind are not reflective of any failure on the part of government but are, instead, simply par for the course, symptoms of an illness.

The Alcalde remained kneeling for a short time by the side of the corpse, his lips moving in prayer.

Haggard flung his weapon to the ground, and all four men crowded round the corpse.

The next day, a great crowd of men arrived, who performed their customary dances around the corpse.

Thereupon a dispute arose, and the Savages, seizing their bows and arrows, wanted to take away the 151 corpse.

Kip thrust out a hand toward the piece of yellow paper in the fingers of the corpse.